Ed Seroskie, Managing Member

Years of experience: 28

Expertise: Residential construction, real estate sales and property management 

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Brad Winkelmann and Ed Seroskie 

​Founding Partners, Managing Members, Best Friends

Brad Winkelmann

Years of experience: 27

Expertise: Law enforcement, real estate sales and property management

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Your Neighborhood Friend & Property Management Expert

At Artisan Property Management we are all about our local community! Our partnership started as a childhood friendship and has developed into a something of a domestic partnership. Okay, kidding, but seriously, we are just two best friends who also get to work together! When we are not with our wives and kids, we are all about our clients. We grew up together in Arlington and Falls Church and were great friends for many years growing up. We both grew our own unique careers before we realized our partnership opportunity in real estate. Brad brought in the real estate brokerage experience and Ed brought the residential construction craftsman mindset to the table. But our complimentary partnership is much more than that. Brad has a background in law enforcement, comes from a family history in real estate and keeps everyone on their toes with his humor and quick wit. Ed spent a lot of time overseas, brings combined experience in custom residential construction, real estate sales and property management and brings his own brand of banter to the conversation. Together, we have been able to meld our greatest strengths together to form Artisan Property Management. 

How We Formed Artisan Property Management

After a number of years working in real estate, we formed Artisan Property Management out of necessity. We found time and time again we were giving our clients over to other property management companies and year after year they just kept providing poor service. We wanted to take good care of our clients and found by opening our own firm our clients could continue working with us and we could continue providing great service. Because we have stayed small, we interact with each other often, which allows us to stay in the loop with each other, refine our approaches, problem-solve collectively and bring collaborative perspective to our processes. Our synergistic approach is unique making our property management program unmatched in Northern Virginia.

Our Experience

Collectively, we have over six decades of experience in the real estate industry--but do not look a day over 35 (of course right)! We opened Artisan Property Management in 2006 and have proudly been serving Northern Virginia property owners for over 10 years now, though we have been living and working in this community all our lives. We have great confidence in our ability to provide the best service possible to our Northern Virginia clients. Experience the Artisan difference today!

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